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Saronic is the best sailing area for those who are looking easy and relaxing sailing. The islands  of Argosaronic are distinguished for their natural beauty and their remarkable historical monuments. Each of these places is like a little paradise on earth, combining the blue of with the green of nature.

Suggested duration: 2 weeks


  • Kalamaki (Marina Alimou) – Poros 29 nm
  • Poros – Hydra 11 nm
  • Hydra – Dokos 5 nm
  • Dokos – Spetses 10 nm
  • Spetses – Nafplio (Peloponnese) 9 nm
  • Astros – Gerakas 41 nm
  • Gerakas – Monemvasia 8 nm
  • Monemvasia – Leonidium 40 nm
  • Leonidio – Porto Heli 16 nm
  • Porto Heli – Ermioni 10 nm
  • Ermioni – Epidaurus 40 nm
  • Epidaurus – Aegina (main town) 15 nm
  • Aegina – Kalamaki (Marina Alimou) 17 nm

Ionian Islands

The sapphire waters of the Ionian Sea welcome you to paradise. Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca and Paxos. All these holiday destinations are great. 

The great islands of the Ionian have lived for centuries under Venetian rule and point to their castles and churches. 

Characterized by olive trees, pines and vineyards, they are fertile and green, an amazing setting for the award-winning white sand beaches and blue waters. You will also find that hospitable citizens have music in their souls.

Suggested duration: 1 week

Southern Ionian Islands Route

Route & Destinations

  • Marina Alimos
  • Lefkada (Sivota) (163.8 nm)
  • Kefalonia (Fiskardo) (12 nm)
  • Kefalonia (Sami) (13 nm)
  • Ithaca (Deep) (16 nm) 
  • Ithaca (Kioni) (7 nm)
  • Meganisi (Deep) (16 nm)
  • Kalamaki (Marina Alimou) (166.3nm)

Suggested duration: 2 weeks

Route & Destinations

  • Alimos- Parga (209,3 nm)
  • Sivota (Karvouno) (20 nm)
  • Corfu (Kerasia) (24 nm)
  • Paxos (34nm)
  • Antipaxos (Agrapidas) (5 nm)
  • Lefkada (Porto Katsiki) (36 nm)
  • Kefalonia (Fiskardo) (18 nm)
  • Kefalonia (Sami) (13 nm)
  • Zakynthos (Navagio) (32 nm)
  • Ithaca (Pera Pigadia) (24 nm)
  • Ithaca (Kioni) (10 nm)
  • Lefkada (Sivota) (17 nm)
  • Meganisi (Vathi) (7 nm)
  • Kalamaki (Marina Alimou) (166,2 nm)

Cuclades Islands

Cyclades: The dazzling white villages, golden sandy beaches and blue waters are just the beginning of what these islands have to offer.

With easy access to Athens, these are the most valuable gems of the Aegean. Ancient geographers gave this unique cluster of islands the name Cyclades because they saw that they formed a circle around the sacred island of Delos. According to legend, the islands were the wreckage that remained after a battle between giants. In fact, they came from colossal geological events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Their colors are blue and white like the Greek flag. The islands come in all sizes and, although the ingredients are the same – incomparable light, translucent water, paradise beaches, glittering white buildings and bare rock, each has its own distinct character.

Suggested duration: 1 week

Route & Destinations

  • Lavrio – Kea (Koundouros) (36.6 nm)
  • Kea – Syros (Ermoupoli) (42 nm)
  • Syros – Mykonos (Tourlos) (22 nm)
  • Mykonos – Naxos (Agia Anna) (26 nm)
  • Naxos – Paros (Naousa) (12 nm)
  • Paros – Kythnos (Agios Ioannis) (42 nm)
  • Kythnos (Agios Ioannis) – Kythnos (kolona) (14,9 nm)
  • Kythnos (Kolona Beach) – Lavrion Olympic Navy (46,6 nm)

Suggested duration: 2 weeks

Route & Destinations

  • Marina Alimos – Kythnos (Kolona beach) (44.,0 nm)
  • Kythnos – Serifos (Livadi) (24 nm)
  • Serifos – Sifnos (Platys Gialos) (20 nm)
  • Sifnos – Kimolos (Staron) (10 nm)
  • Kimolos – Milos (Kleftiko) (20 nm)
  • Milos – Santorini (Thirasia) (53 nm)
  • Thira – Ios  (21,3 nm)
  • Ios – Koufonissi (25 nm)
  • Koufonissi – Naxos Town (22 nm)
  • Naxos – Paros (Naousa) (12 nm)
  • Paros – Mykonos (Tourlos) (22 nm)
  • Mykonos – Syros (Ermoupoli) (18 nm)
  • Syros – Kea (Vourkari) (38 nm)
  • Kea – Marina Alimos (40,8 nm)

Frixos - The ship

Navigate the luxurious Frixos ship through photographic material.

Marina Alimos

How to get to Alimos Marina

Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos is 35 km from Alimos Marina (Kalamaki).
By Local Bus: The bus line is E96 and the bus stop for Alimos port is ” EDEM ”
By Taxi: You can easily find a taxi at Athens Airport
Transport: The Athenian Boats could transport you with mini bus pax) or by taxi (on request)


There are several supermarkets around Alimos Marina. Your arrangements can also be arranged by the Athenian team (on request). Your order will be on board when you arrive.

Monday – Saturday: 08:30 am – 20:30 pm, Sunday: Closed


Alimos Marina has free parking


At Paleo Faliro Square (near our base) you can find many banks

Working hours:
8:00 am – 13:30 pm Monday – Friday and all provide ATMs


With the delivery of the boat, the fuel tanks will be full.


Marina piers are equipped with 220V for free.


In case you need a hotel stay, we recommend some hotels close to Alimos Marina.
Hotel Poseidonos: 72 Poseidonos Avenue, 1752, Paleo Faliro, Tel: +302109872000, Fax: +302109829217
Coral Hotel: 35 Poseidonos Avenue, Paleo Faliro, 17561, Athens, Tel: + 302109816441, Fax: +302109831207

Restaurants / Café / Bar

There are many restaurants, bars and cafés in the nearby Alimos Marina. We recommend some of them near Alimos Marina.
Ship bar (marina): Alimos Marina (next to Pier No. 2)
Bar / Restaurant: 3 Poseidonos Avenue, Marina Alimou. Tel: +302109812004